Philly Foodies Tour: Fishtown


Do you love food and history?

If so, I recommend a walking tour with Philly Foodies Tour. It is owned by a husband and wife team. According to their website, they are “pushing the boundaries of exploration of our great city into areas that are lesser known to visitors, but well known to locals”. Luis was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico and Katie is from Oklahoma. When I learned about this company I jumped at the chance to join them on a Saturday to learn more about Fishtown. I crave knowledge and this was the perfect tour to learn about a place I knew nothing about.


What is Fishtown? 

It is a neighborhood in Philadelphia where culinary, art and history blend together. It got its name by being the center of the shad fishing industry on the Delaware river. If you love food this is the place to visit! Philly Foodies Tour will lead you on a food adventure where your taste buds will thank you at the end.


Tour Details…

The tour started on front of Pizza Brain where Luis explained some history behind the restaurant. It holds the Word Guinness record for the most pizza memorabilia. We ended up trying to Forbes Waggensense and the Jane pie. They make fresh quality pizza with fresh ingredients. As soon as I had a bite of the crispy pizza I could taste how rich ingredients were. Especially the cheese. It is also a cool place to photograph.

Next we stopped by Philly Style Bagels where they make their bagels fresh every morning. We ended up trying the everything bagel. Inspired by the great beer culture of Philadelphia, they boil their bagels in a mixture of beer and water for a special malted flavor. It hit the spot after eating two slices of pizza at Pizza Brain. Ha!


The next two places we visited where Good Spoon Soupery and Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop which are fully owned by women. Good Spoon Soupery treated us with a sample of their Curried Carrot Ginger soup where you could taste each flavor separately while drinking it. They use local farmers which makes the soups taste even better. Ramona Susan’s Bake shop treated us to their famous rainbow cookies and butter cake. Their desserts hit the spot since I was craving sweets after all the food we had just eaten. Both of the owners spoke to our group personally and explained to us how they started their business.


The last spot was Kensington Quarters Fishtown Restaurant and Butcher Shop. The ambience of the restaurant was perfect and the selection of meats were delicious. I look forward to bringing my friends to this restaurant in the future and attending one of their pasta classes in the fall.



Overall I had a great time with Philly Foodies Tour, I got to meet some great people along the way and my taste buds were satisfied. Luis and his assistant Sean were very attentive to our needs and made sure we were safe at all times.

Photos provided by: Susan from



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